The celebration of the Liturgy of the Hours demands not only harmonizing the voice with the praying heart, but also a deeper understanding of the liturgy and of the Bible, especially of the Psalms. — CCC 1176


July 2020
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Hi, I’m Craig. I’m not a theologian or a mystic. I’m not under the mistaken impression that I am very knowledgeable or well studied on the topic of faith. It’s only due to divine providence that I am still stalking the planet considering how dense I often am. But I do have my experiences, my observations, my limited research and that feeling. I’m trying to figure things out, put things together, and sharpen my understanding and faith in the hopes that I can pass it along to my children. I’ll try to share it with you in the hopes that some of it may help you as much as it helped (and is still helping) me. I mostly got the idea to start this as a true “tool box” for my children, in the hopes that I may help them with thier faith (and that I may have someone to help me when I have passed). I hope to assemble some tools that might help you in your walk of faith.


Oh, and “what’s ‘Istenem’ or ‘oj Istenem’?” you are probably asking. It’s Hungarian. It has several translations. The translation I have in mind is, loosely “Bless me” or “Bless my soul”. You see, when the kids or grandkids were driving my grandmother or aunt crazy, or something was troubling them, they would pace around muttering, “oj Istenem!” or “Istenem, istenem”.