Remember, when we jeer at the Devil and tell ourselves that he does not exist, that is when he is happiest. — Fr. Gabriele Amorth, Exorcist


September 2020
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“Sacramentals are sacred signs which in a sense imitate the sacraments. The signify certain effects, especially spiritual ones, which are obtained through the intercession of the Church.” “They prepare the faithful to receive the fruit of the sacraments and sanctify various circumstances of life.”

Sacramentals may consist of material things or actions. “Among the sacramentals, blessings occupy an important place. They include both praise of God for his works and gifts, and the Church’s intercession for men, that they may be able to use God’s gifts according to the spirit of the Gospel.” Some other sacramentals are: the Sign of the Cross, use of holy water, blessed rosaries, crucifixes, scapulars and medals. Exorcism (expulsion of demons) is also a sacramental.

-Daily Roman Missal

The Rosary  - The Holy Rosary
 The rosary, often misunderstood as a repetitive and monotonous series of mostly Marian prayers is actually a meditation on the life of Christ for the most part. It is an incredible and powerful devotion. Want to know the nuts and bolts? Read on.
Brown Scapular   – The Brown Scapular
  The brown scapular is above all a symbol of devotion and dedication to the Blessed Mother. It is a blessing bestowed on the wearer and a helpful reminder in difficult times. The brown scapular also confers the “Sabbatine Privilege” upon its wearer.